Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two months until the Journey begins

“March 25, 2009

Dear Kellee,

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to begin training in Cambodia for Peace Corps service. You will be joining thousands of Americans who are building stronger communities throughout the world. This call to action gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and to find the best in yourself…”

I had originally submitted my application in March of 2008. Because of many unforeseen hurdles along the way in my application process it was not until a year later that I received my invitation to serve in Cambodia as an English Teacher.

Tentatively, I am to leave on July 20th for two days of staging (i.e. receive shots, some important information regarding Cambodia, and to sign paperwork) after which I officially begin my Peace Corps Training (PCT) in Cambodia on July 22/23.

Cambodia is one of the fifty “least developed countries” according to the UN It has been ravaged by war and instability for the last 40 + years. All of which has contributed to its lack of infrastructure and wealth. For comparison the IMF states that the United States GDP per Million is 14,264,600, a harsh contrast against Cambodia’s 28,239.

I cannot wait to begin my Peace Corps journey. I am starting this blog so that friends, family, and those I may have never met will get a better understanding of Cambodia and the Peace Corps.