Thursday, July 23, 2009

Phnom Penh and Orientation

This must be quick as i was just told that I have 5 minutes left at the internet cafe. Please excuse any typos or misspellings :P

Phnom Penh has been wonderful thus far. The Peace Corps staff is incredibl;y friendly and we were able to speak with some current vollunteers about there experience so far. All of them seem very excited to chare their experiences which bodes welll for a nice future here in Cambodia.

There was a bit of a snaffu with the flights. After arriving in Thailand we styayed at the Novohotel in bangkok for five hours. We arrived about two hours before boarding on july 24th only to find that 9 of our fellow Peace Corps trainees had been "mistakingly" been put on stand-by. We begged and pleaded with them for an hour but were not able to get them on our flight. Currently they are still at the Bangkok airport.

When we arrived in Phnom Penh we were greeted by the PC staff and current vollonteers. They had made us fans and signs to welcome us. After a brief picture taking opportunity (pictures will be on shortly... I promise) we jumped on the airconditioned coach to go to our hotel.

Tommorrow I will have orientation and will receive my cell phone and all of my shots :( Can't wait!

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