Sunday, October 17, 2010

Awkward moment of the week: What doesn’t go with morning coffee…

As I was sitting down, reading my book, and enjoying my morning coffee at my favorite little coffee place I felt a nudge at my feet. The coffee place has at least two dogs that are always around - either picking up food scraps or sleeping underneath one of its few chairs and tables. One of them, the black one, was underneath my table. Nothing exceptionally unusual, but when I looked down at her I noticed SOMETHING coming out her back end…a red, squishy SOMETHING. And then I realized this dog was giving birth! At my feet!

The proprietor of the establishment noticed me looking at the dog and started laughing. "Crazy dog!" he exclaimed, and then proceeded in attempting to shoo it away.

I appreciate the miracle of life as anyone else but not with my morning coffee, and not at my feet. I quickly sucked down the last drop of my coffee (never one to waste that beautiful, brown liquid), paid, and left. I actually left in such a hurry that I forgot my rain jacket but was so uneasy by the morning experience I waited until well into the afternoon to retrieve it. When I did, there was no dog in sight.

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