Saturday, November 6, 2010

Questions I’ve recently asked myself…

Have I really become so accustomed to being uncomfortable that I can sleep on a plastic fork all night and not even notice?

How can I look MORE American?

Was it the 12 or so shots of rice wine I had yesterday or my lingering cold that made my run today an ultimate FAIL?

Why can’t I stop eating noodle soup?

Can you be addicted to MSG?

Does a cell phone that is on make you more susceptible to being struck by lightening?

Does really long mole hair bring good luck?

Why do mosquitoes exist? Is it to torment me? And if mosquitoes lay eggs in the water that I bathe with, could they hatch in my wet hair?

How does Hillary Clinton look so good for being 60+?

What are the long term health effects of breathing the smoke from plastic things burning?

Did I just waste $190 to take the GRE if the world is ending in 2012?

Why do Cambodians love John Cena so much?

How long does it take to use a kilowatt of electricity on your laptop in rural Cambodia?


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