Monday, January 3, 2011

The Beginning of the End, or the Beginning of New Beginnings

As I stare at where my toenail once was (a sacrifice I made to the Running Gods for running the half-marathon) and fully take in the fact that 2010 is really over - my mind wanders to the near future when I will no longer be in Cambodia.

It is impossible to avoid going there.

2011 is the year I go home and the year I start the rest of my "adult" life. Although this year will be the year of change, I doubt it will compare to 2010 - the year Kellee lived, breathed, and nearly became Khmer.

The following are a list of memories/accomplishments for the year 2010:

1) Ate dog, spider, snake, and duck fetus for the first time.
2) Celebrated New Years three times (once in January, again in February, and in April)
3) Was bit by a dog (retribution for #1? I think so...)
4) Saw Angkor Wat not once but three times
5) Visited Vietnam
6) Sniffed someone for the first time
7) Learned how to REALLY dance like a Cambodian
8) Swam in the Indian ocean
9) Discovered Justin Beiber (which I initially disliked, was then indifferent to, and now sing along with and have on my ipod)
10) Made amends with the rats that take residence in the ceiling above my bed
11) Became a fan of Prahak (no easy task)
12) Introduced my father and brother to the Cambodian culture (and my Cambodian host family to American culture)
13) Was visited by one of my best friends and her boyfriend (if not my favorite couple)
14) Ran my first half-marathon
15) Drew the ENTIRE world
16) Drank Cambodian moonshine
17) Made some lifelong friendships
18) Read ALOT of books
19) Cried for no reason
20) Laughed for no reason
21) Questioned my sanity (more than once)
22) Learned to speak (some) Khmer
23) Biked more miles than I thought I physically could
24) Fell in love with Cambodia

I know I could never replicate 2010 and am so grateful for everything that happened... even the awful, dog-meat eating, crying-for-no-reason, rat-induced-insomnia parts. I know my toenail will grow back. It usually does. Now it is time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. I cannot wait to see what 2011 will bring :)


  1. Wahoo! Who says you have to be an "adult"? It's way overrated. Although I look it, I feel as though I am still the irresponsible, party-loving youngster I've always been :-) Don't let the man get you down, you can come back and do anything you want and don't let anyone judge you for it!

  2. Oh Kel I love you so much! I cannot wait to travel the world with you:)