Monday, July 4, 2011

To the United States of America

To the United States of America,

This is your warning.

I am no longer the model citizen I once was.

Cambodia has changed me... maybe for the better and maybe for the worse. I want to warn you about a few things, however, that may surprise/disgust/frighten you. I've put them in an easy to peruse format for your reading pleasure. Here we go....

1) I spit food on the ground
2) I make strange noises like "ooooey" when I am surprised
3) I think an outfit can consist of a printed scarf with a striped shirt, sweatpant shorts, and chacos.
4) Do you need a tissue to blow your nose? Because I don't!
5) A palm leaf is a perfectly good substitute for floss
6) Anything can be a food. Why do we need to be so picky? I vote for termites to be adopted into the typical American's diet.
7) I bow to older people
8) I haggle over a 50 cent difference in price.
9) Soup or fried pork with rice are perfectly legitimate options for breakfast
10) Need to toast before every drink... literally

To be continued...

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